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Reviewed in the United States on July 8, 2019

Got my warranty replacement and am happy to have them back!

First off, I think the ear nub should be in a fixed location with less aggressive seems, maybe have them lay flush by tapering the silicon edges. The rest is all on the up an up for me. I've had airpods as well as bose sound sports and these are more of a hybrid. On that note, the plus about the removable nub is that you can go without, and that is pretty nice. Also if they could make a more universal opening where the bud nests in the case it would allow for alternate tips to be used and thus allowing a wider range of the market. Might go along with the removable nub feature and be a cool marketing play; "the customizable bud".. like the Scion (cars) of earbuds lol .....thanks, buy em' and make sure you have fun with them so you can have music in the extremes and then get a new pair if something goes wrong!!!
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