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Reviewed in the United States on September 20, 2018
UPDATED 11/13/19

I have to agree with those who are struggling with the battery life of these. After two months from new the battery life dropped from four hours to one, and seemingly decreasing even more. I've tried various methods of charging from keeping them topped up with the charger plugged in all the time to letting it run all the way down and recharging. I have two pairs of these and I can't tell if the issue is that the buds won't accept a full charge anymore or if it's the charger itself. If long battery life means spending more up front on something more reliable, I'll do it rather than buying these over and over---they shouldn't be disposable.

*end update*

I've had many Bluetooth earbuds, and they all typically fall short in one way or another. Most often it is because 'buds that are tethered to each other have a heavy-ish controller on them for volume, tracks, pause, etc. So inevitably one side always feels like it's getting pulled out of my ear or the controller gets caught up in a shirt collar. I was waiting for the technology to be around long enough to make *good* earbuds affordable, and that time is now.

The charger for these buds is quite novel and brilliant, really. The ability to charge them when you're nowhere near a power source is pretty fantastic. And, they also sound excellent. I'm one who uses an EQ when listening to tunes (iPhone), because sometimes the bass just needs to be kicked up with most any earbuds. I don't have that problem with these. The range of fidelity is excellent, and a flat EQ seems to actually be perfect. I've had a phone conversation with them in and it sounded like the person was right next to me.

The claim of noise-cancelling seems a little lofty to me, however. All earbuds are if you turn them up loud enough. Though they do make peripheral conversations impossible to understand (train, city streets, etc.), it does not cancel them by any means. Someone sitting next to you talking into their phone like a it's a walkie talkie from the Korean War is still going to make it through.

Regardless, they sound great, are very comfortable, and I think my charge lasted about 4 hours at a pretty significant volume. As the drivers burn in, I think they're actually sounding even better. And man is it liberating not having a wire!
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