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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 12, 2021
This hand soap dispenser worked for two months, now it's dead.
The light above the power button keeps blinking red, and it doesn't go away even when I changed the batteries.
It makes the noise it's supposed to make when it's dispensing soap, but no soap comes out. Garbage.

6/30/2021 Update: I received a replacement unit from the seller, let's see if this one lasts. Hopefully, more than two months. For now, I'll add a star back for prompt customer service, the original rating being 2 stars for the initial bad unit.

9/24/2021 Update: Well it is September, and the replacement unit has stopped working as well. I guess it lasted slightly longer than two months, but that's the expected lifespan of this device. I'm docking off the star from the original rating, as this has proven again and again to be a substandard product, giving it a final rating of a lonely 1 star. So stay away if you're looking for a long-lasting product, it's sure to die within that time period, at least with my experience of this particular soap dispenser.

10/3/2021 Update: I've contacted the company about the second broken unit, and they've responded, saying they'll send me a third unit to try out, and if that also fails, they have a new model in the works which should eliminate some of the current issues. They estimated that it should take about three months for the new model to start production. For now, I'll bump the rating up a star to 2 stars for the quick responsiveness of the company, and it seems they do care about their customers. When I receive my third unit, I'll put a new update in my review.

10/10/21 Update: I've received my third replacement unit, and it seems to be working fine at the moment, albeit the dispensing amount is rather erratic compared to the previous units I've owned. The company is very open to consumer feedback and has been hard at work developing a new model for release, which hopefully will fix the issues current customers are experiencing with this particular model on sale. I will see if this replacement will last longer than its predecessors, or will it be joining them in the rubbish bin after three months or so? Well, either way, the new model will be out by then, according to their estimates, so perhaps it might be wise to wait for that to come out instead of buying this known-to-be flawed model?

Currently, all I can say is, if you're having issues with your dispenser, contact the Allegro support, and they'll be happy to assist you. You also get some free soap capsules if you do the 1-year warranty on their website. So customer service is 5 stars, the product itself is 1 star due to lack of durability, for a final average of 3 stars. I don't hope to be updating this review any more than I have to, but if the third replacement fails, I will update accordingly.
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