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Reviewed in the United States on November 12, 2019
edit: Over two years later and Studio is still selling for the original price I paid SEP 2019. Also, she still sounds great in our main open area. This studio handles our 3,000 sqft rancher minus 4 bedrooms. I had an amazon sub in there for maybe a month before moving it out. The studio doesn't reach down enough (nor the sub) to sound good when spatially displaced from each other. It sounds better with just the studio's 5.3" driver than with the sub at the side of the room. The studio sits on our bar, rather central, and projects very well and plenty deep enough for the family's tastes.
Great upgrade for my open floorplan. I started with a dot and worked my way up until I had the previous top model (3" woofer and .8" tweeter) paired with the matching sub. While that pair was great across the spectrum, the soundstage was off due to the sub sitting against the wall, rather than next to the echo. I had reservations that the front firing tweeter on the Studio wouldn't disperse well from the center of the house, however that isn't an issue. The studio sits on my kitchen bar and points away from the kitchen. It does great at filling the central part of the house with music, including the kitchen "behind" it. Had I not done my research, I probably wouldn't have realized it had a front firing tweeter, vice up or down.
I moved the sub into the master bedroom where it's near that echo. This added the low end to the bedroom without the spatial blur of the sub sitting away from the mids/highs.
Back to the Studio... it delivers premium sound to the bulk of my first floor and now that the woofer is integrated into the echo, the soundstage is no longer off/annoying.

There has been a steady improvement in audio quality over the past several models and generations, now that the Studio delivers premium sound in a single package... I'm not sure where Amazon will go next. I'd buy a smaller future device IF it delivered equal sound quality. I am not interested in sacrificing range or depth for size though. The Studio fits fine on the bar and I can crank it up when the wife is out.

Considering the Studio is full range in a single device, I am very pleased with the pricing. If Amazon offers any holiday deals, you should definitely give in and upgrade to at least one studio. If no deals soon, give in and pay full price like I did. I think it's still a bargain at full price.

For comparison, downstairs I have the studio, a premium echo with sub paired, another premium, 1 echo in the garage, and dots in the kids' rooms. I guess towers will eventually work their way into the kids' rooms... upstairs I run Monitor Audio Silver 7.2 with SVS cylinder subs and I still have a dot hooked up to my receiver to listen to audio commands.

Well done Amazon. Oh, one final nod to incorporating a spectral automatic equalizer to immediately adjust the Studio's audio output to match it specifically to your room's configuration.
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