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Reviewed in the United States on March 1, 2021
I suggest you read Consumer Reports' article about high arsenic levels in brown rice -- and even higher concentrations in baking mixes such as this one. It's a trade off: wheat/corn free v. a high level of a known carcinogen. But, having my priorities in all the wrong places, I suppose, what truly galls me is that the company and/or Amazon raised the price by 21 per cent in honor of the pandemic. And, one year into the pandemic, as many supply lines have normalized, the price is still a ridiculous 21 per cent higher than the already-expensive pre-pandemic price. An alternative, if you'd like to save money and avoid the arsenic, is to find a from-scratch pancake recipe. Replace the recipe's wheat flour with almond flour or some other non-rice flour. I grew up eating pancakes from mixes and, then, switched to Namaste when my needs changed. Learning how simple it is to make pancakes from scratch was liberating. It's really, really simple, Folks. You have to add eggs and oil and milk to this mix, anyway. Making from scratch just means a little leavening agent (baking soda or powder or both, depending on the recipe), almond (or other) flour, some sugar, some vanilla perhaps -- you're done. You're healthier and you've got more money in your wallet than if you buy this overpriced box of carcinogenic brown rice.
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