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Reviewed in the United States on May 10, 2021
I went to get my baking soda for a recipe and noticed it was almost outdated SO, I knew I needed to get a new box and I had to add something to my cart to hit the free shipping minimum so I added this Baking soda. As anyone should know there are many things you can use Baking Soda for such as in recipes, eliminate odors, clean out drains, use to brush your teeth (along with your toothpaste) , anti gas , etc..
Well anyway I used the old box to put down my drains and used the New one I received from Amazon for my recipes and it's just fine and the best use by date is 2023 so it's good for a long while. The cost was low and the product is great as it's Arm and Hammer which I always use in my recipes when baking.
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