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Reviewed in the United States on January 30, 2021
Well it's been almost two years and this mouse has been great. I ordered a new one today since the wheel on my old one stopped working. I don't think it was the mouse's problem I think my cat knockin it to the ground might have killed it. All I have to say it's a good mouse..

Update 7/28/21
Ok I play a lot of online games that require constant mouse use and the batteries last forever..
it's been 6 months and has the original Amazon batteries in it, HEAVY USE on them too.

I read some of the bad reviews, I pretty much have not had any of these issues, and I've own two..
They must have just gotten a bad batch...but it's Amazon just return it =P

Update 11/11/2021
Ok just a little update... this thing sips battery power, original batteries and still going strong 2/3 bars on the meter. this is with heavy use, not sure how they do it!
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