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Reviewed in the United States on July 17, 2018
The Good: Outstanding packaging! Variety pack was perfect to find what I like best. Crisp bite (carbonation) with sweet taste.

The Bad: A few (only a few) cans had obvious dirt on rims with a few cans sticky; which is sad compared to the outstanding packaging.

Overall: I found what flavors I like and changed my subscription to reflect. If you are unsure of what you may or may not like; try the variety pack.
My Review by flavor:
Cola: It's cola with a splash of lemon; unfortunately I hate lemon in cola.
Caffeine Free Cola: Disappointed by above said lemon...
Cream Soda: A Swing and a Miss; I love cream soda but this is carbonated water with a vanilla aftertaste.
Grapefruit: Not Fresca; think more ruby red grapefruit. I'm more of a white grapefruit guy, but this is still good.
Ginger Root Beer: A juxtaposition gone wrong. Taste like Ginger Ale mixed with A&W Root Beer. I'll pass on this one.
Ginger Ale: Strong ginger flavor with a great bite. My 2nd favorite!
Mountain: No... just no.
Orange: Good flavor; more tangerine but good.
Dr: Taste like something the doctor makes you take. OK not that bad, but it really doesn't have must taste to it - perhaps a whiff of flavor?
Black Cherry: My favorite! Outstanding bold flavor! Awesome - Awesome - Awesome!
Lemon Lime Twist: Carbonated water with a twist of lemon - if that is your kind of thing.

All reviews are based upon my personal taste buds and flavor may vary.
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