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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 21, 2022
I purchased an Asurion warranty for an electronic device. The device quit working after about 7 months and was out of the manufacturer's warranty period, so I contacted Asurion online. I was able to submit a claim, print the documents for shipping, and ship the device with minimal effort.
The process would have been better if I did not have to print the documents myself. The document that went inside the box, I had to fill out with all the information I already submitted with the online claim. That info should have processed into the form that got printed, not making the customer fill it out again.
Also, the online tracking process for the claim was not detailed. One day, it just said "claim resolved". I did not know what that resolution was. No other details were available. I waited a week to see if my device was being shipped back, then had to contact Asurion customer service online to ask about the status.
Finally, the resolution was not fixing my device, and not sending me a new one, but sending me an Amazon gift card for the purchase price of the original. Yes, I realize that is stated in the description of the warranty, but the exact same device now costs over $50 more than I originally spent, plus I spent $25 for the warranty in the first place. I would have preferred Asurion to replace the device with a new device, because of the cost increase, but at least I got my original money back.
Yes I'd use this program again since it's better than getting nothing if/when your electronics quit.
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