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Reviewed in the United States on December 22, 2018
I bought this with the intention of making sure my Cloud cams would stay powered without getting unplugged because something else needed the socket. Perfect, I thought, can’t turn this off and leaves all my outlets available.
Installation was a snap, had terminals available for push-in or around-screw wiring (though you may have to get creative if your old socket had TWO screw terminal connections, as this socket only has ONE set of screws unlike a standard socket), single ground on the bottom.
Face-plate fits well, charges my iPhone over Qi well, but... will not keep my amazon cloud camera running over its USB output. It’ll connect and.... lose power and reset. For a security camera, this is completely worthless and defies the point. I had to plug in a simple 1A USB transformer into this outlet. STUPID!!!!!!! I tried combinations of draw or camera-alone on the “3.1A USB outlet” of this product, and nothing will keep my camera connected.
So... now I’ve got a constant-draw transformer in my wall always sucking juice... and I don’t really trust it because it doesn’t work like it’s supposed to... I may do a little more testing with my Amazon Echo/Dot plugged into it to see if it’s of any use, but it DEFINITELY doesn’t do what I bought it for, provide a simple and constant 5V 1A USB output.
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