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Reviewed in the United States on October 22, 2020
I actually prefer the more balanced sound from my echo plus (2nd gen) without needing to mess with the equalizer. I also prefer the 360° sound from the echo plus. after going back-and-forth I’ve personally experienced the microphones on the echo plus pick up my voice better. in my opinion this new version just sounds a little bit louder with more bass even though they both have the exact same drivers with the exception of the new one having an extra tweeter which doesn’t really make a difference in the sound. I actually had to turn down the bass just a little because it sounded a little... messy. i’m not really sure why they completely changed the design and got rid of the 360° sound and made it a directional sound speaker instead. i’m a little confused. One more thing I noticed about the new speaker is when the volume goes up the bass goes down which is very common for all these speakers and most Bluetooth speakers but it seems especially evident in this newest version of the echo. they could’ve at least made the bluetooth option volume sync with your phone with this new version. and of course it wasn’t compatible to pair with my echo plus for stereo. ok i’m done.
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