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Reviewed in the United States on February 17, 2020

I wanted to love it. So so much. But BOTH keyboards I got from Amazon (one an exchange) were defective. All of the volume keys go haywire within a month, and the volume up and down buttons stick randomly. On the second one I had, it was so much worse and would sometimes lag the response on volume and sometimes not register at all. Other times, turning it on/off doesn't clear the glitch and my computer would just show that the volume up button was being held down indefinitely.

Volume buttons are my favorite feature of any keyboard. This was a deal breaker.

Me a month ago: What could all the fuss be over a $100 keyboard? My ten dollar one works just fine. Yeah I type a lot, and play a lot of PC games, but I don't need anything fancy.

Me now: Oh gods. Oh my gods. I was such an ignorant slut. Dear gods, this thing even glows when I hover my palm over it, meaning I won't have to taint my womancave with sickening light. What could a peasant like me have known about true efficiency and noise control?

TL;DR = New favorite keyboard.
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