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Reviewed in the United States on July 10, 2020
The figures are fine, and for fans; it's fun to purchase these again in a larger format, and with the original packaging.

However, like a lot of buyers, the packaging on some of these was significantly damaged.
I'm not a hardcore collector, so I don't need pristine "collector grade" packaging, but I don't expect the card backings to be bent or damaged either. Of the 5 different figures I ordered, 2 were like new, 2 had significantly bent card backings, and one backing was completely folded. I'd be able to understand if there wasn't enough room in the shipping box, but this wasn't the case.

I've ordered from Amazon on a weekly basis for years, and on very rare occasions I've had items in shipping boxes that were slightly opened or worn, but it was never worth writing about. But since these are sought after by fans and collectors, it might be useful for others to know.

If you plan on opening these up and trashing the card; you're fine. But if you're into this for collecting purposes, or if you simply want an undamaged packaging, keep in mind there's a chance you might not be getting that.
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