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Reviewed in the United States on October 16, 2018
I've used Nature's Miracle for decades. Recently my cat started urinating on a new rug after she was injured and I bought this new "improved" formula. After spraying I dabbed it up and thought it was great. Then an hour or so later I noticed the smell was even worse, almost a perfume, musty, sour smell. I got the steam cleaner back out and went over the spot multiple times and let it dry; it still smelled. So I dumped buckets of water on it and sucked it up. Still smelled. Two weeks later and I just sent the rug off for cleaning because it still smelled so bad it made me sick. I then made the mistake of assuming it was something to do with the rug and the fibers. The poor cat had crawled under the bed and wet herself, so I sprayed it with nature's miracle, rubbed it in thoroughly and let it sit. After roughly 30 minutes I again got the steam cleaner and started by just sucking up the extra nature's miracle. Then I went over it multiple times with just water. I spent nearly an hour cleaning one small spot on brand new carpet in a brand new home only to have it still smell so bad that we are having trouble sleeping in the room! I don't know what to do at this point, I've gone over it with water and have kept a fan on it hoping it will dissipate but have had no luck. Beware if you are unable to wash the item in a washer I would not use this product unless you want to have a perfume, sour, musty smell that permeates the air and won't go away.
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