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Reviewed in the United States on June 7, 2021
I would not have written a review but I couldn't help myself. Maybe the people that think they are not absorbent enough need to realize they have to be changed on a regular basis. I have a seventeen pound Shih-Poo that will be eight in July. I have always used puddle pads. I do walk with him quite a bit and he does water everything when we walk. He has been sick and has a fever. Yes, I took him to the vet. My point is, he has been using the pads a lot the past couple of days. He has used other pads but I bought these recently and am very pleased. I have tried Walmart, Sam's Club, and other Amazon vendors. I think these are the best. I can tell the difference. I like two pads down for one dog. A dog likes to walk while having a bowel movement and this provides ample room. If you have two dogs, one pad will not be sufficient for long. I usually have two down and will change them in the morning and at night. At times, I may change more often. My dog also goes to the puddle pads if he can make it if he throws up. I can tell the difference because I have used many brands over several years. These are my choice.
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