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Reviewed in the United States on October 22, 2018
so it is hard to get get out the step stool and climb to get to it......hard....

Cuz if it is sitting out where I can get right at it, I'd just drink the whole bottle in ONE SHOT!

Man this stuff is


It is a SAUCE......not syrup!
( I know...Thank you Captain obvious...but...
I have told three people about this product and two of them were surprised when they got it and it wasn't the Torani syrup.)

It has a creamy constancy like caramel sauce, in fact it looks like caramel sauce when poured over ice cream. And poured over pumpkin ice cream...WOW...I get brain freeze cuz I always eat it way too fast!!

I also use it in lattes made with my Nespresso machine...about 2 tablespoon in a triple shot latte w/ 6 ounces of frothed milk.

At the Buck place with Stars....that drink sets me back about 7 home I am making it for about $1.75.

My husband jokes I have paid for the espresso machine at least twice, working on a third time..... since I got it back in July 2018 since I making my own at home now.

This time of year my spending amps up cuz I can't get enough of the pumpkin lattes!!

I add a splash of vanilla and caramel syrup to the pumpkin sauce in my lattes and I am over the moon in love...with a cup of coffee!!

My husband says the sauce tastes more like sweet potato pie to him...I think his Mississippi born brain is scrambled......but who cares....I love me some sweet potatoes pie too.

The only down side is it has a killer calorie count...…
100 kal (UGH) in one serving ( 2tbs) and I tend to go over board and double up when I put it on ice cream.

I just need to learn to eat my ice cream and drink my lattes while I am on my Max Trainer or at least jump on it right after I finish either one!!!
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