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Reviewed in the United States on August 5, 2021
I’ve had a 2-pk set for a few weeks now. I configured it and updated firmware and adding devices was simple. The management GUI is nice and modern but it is where some of the bugs are. It reports 6E WiFi devices as 5. I also had initial difficulty joining 6E WiFi cards and contacted ASUS support several times. The resolution was to update Win10 to the 21H1 optional update. Prior to that I made a registry update just to see the 6E band from one of my PCs but it still couldn’t join, until I updated Windows. I discovered this resolution from my own research, without the aide of ASUS support. As to their support, I can’t recommended their e-mail support. They mostly come across as techs I’ve encountered in my career that just want to update/work their tickets vs truly helping the customer—it’s all too common and not unique to ASUS. Also, I still have one ticket open…the ET8 product is not even listed in their product registration pull down menu on their own product registration page. So far I’ve sent a copy of my invoice and provided both serial numbers. Next I’m going to try to just mail them the registration card that came in the unit and see what happens. As for device performance on this mesh network…it’s outstanding. I upgraded to this mesh network from a high end single unit with two repeaters—my device performance is now incredible. I have 49 IPs throughout my property in use. I suspect the management app bugs will get ironed out in time, especially as this product becomes more popular and ASUS gets more end user feedback.
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