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Reviewed in the United States on July 8, 2021
I had to return this mesh system. It was truly a disappointment.

The biggest problem is that you cannot have more than one SSID assigned to your private “home” network. I have over 100 wifi devices. My low power devices run on the 2 ghz band called “Home2g” while my computers and more powerful devices run on the 5ghz band SSID “Home”. They all need to be on the same network, but “split-SSID” configuration just isn’t supported at all. Every other router I’ve had for the last decade has supported this configuration.

The second major problem is that this mesh does not support bridge mode. I have an expensive router that handles my dhcp with a custom configuration. It is useless with this mesh appliance.

Third major problem is that the device needs an iPhone app to configure it. This is a more recent trend in these sorts of devices. Yea, I don’t want that.
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