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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 5, 2021
This is going to be a very short review. It's only to clarify a couple of things that have been brought up in others that were not good.
#1) ‘Dispenser Box’ is the shipping box! In other words, unless you're the type of person who doesn't mind using a box that's been God knows where inside your house, you will be getting a large plastic bag of sugar packets! (Personally, I take all the packets out of the box and bag and put them in another container.)
#2) I've bought this twice so far and not a single packet of sugar was broken and I have never seen any loose sugar anywhere!
#3) The price is extremely good in comparison to what local stores sell. It costs more to buy the individual packets than a 4-5 pound bag, but I find it more convenient. (I know that for one cup of coffee it takes 2 of them to make it the way I like.)
#4) This is not a good choice if you want to use it for baking or anything else that requires a large or measured amount. This should be obvious to everyone!
#5) The taste is the same as any other similar type of white sugar, i.e., no cardboard or paper taste, just sugar!
Finally, the reason for giving it 4*’s is because of the MISLEADING information about the dispenser box it comes in. It should be noted that this is the SHIPPING BOX!!! Still, I would recommend buying this product if you're looking for single white sugar packets that are a well-known brand, not some generic one that costs less, the same, and sometimes even more $!
*** Since I buy items on Amazon that are not familiar to me based on the reviews of others, if you find my review of this helpful, please mark it as such. This will
help me with future ones, thanks!
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