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Reviewed in the United States on August 1, 2020
I bought this for my 19 moth old granddaughter to use when she washes her hands and to "help" grandma when she's making cookies. The stool was packaged fairly well using a bit of styrofoam and heavy cardboard. Fortunately, there were no scratches or such. The instructions are picture only. It comes with some washers, but the pictures don't show using the washers. There's some small print "recommending" using the washers. I did use the washers and everyone should use them. Following the step by step drawings I put the stool together. The hex bolts screw into the wood using pre-inserted threads. A hex wrench is included. There's a storage slot in the wood frame for the hex wrench. Two issues. First, some of the bolts don't screw in easily, but after using a little wd-40 things went well. Second, you can't tighten the bolts too much. Doing so will easily strip the screw heads. The bolt heads are soft metal (brass). This concerns me since I want the platform where my granddaughter stands to be tight and secure. I can see having issues unscrewing the platform to adjust the level as the child grows. I suggest you don't tighten the bolts too tight on the platform. The platform will not not move as long as the frame work is tight. After putting the stool together I think it's very sturdy. As the instructions state, you can't walk off and leave the child unattended. This goes for all stool towers. When it's against the counter (it's purpose) it will not tip forward. I can't see this stool tipping over sideways), but when a child is in any tower stool it will make it top heavy. There are "feet" than give the stool more stability to prevent a sideways tip over. Just watch your children. I like how this stool has a good size first step enabling the child to craw into and out of the tower easily. I would give the stool 5 stars if it wasn't for the bolt issue. I also think there's a better way to attach the platform to make easier adjustments (you have to unscrew four bolts). Overall, it meets our needs.
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