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Reviewed in the United States on May 18, 2020
Very poor reception and tracking. I've used it for about three days for regular graphic design work, and originally ordered it as an ergo replacement for a wired mouse.

1) reception: The USB dongle is plugged in about 1.5 feet from the mouse, within direct eyesight. It very often lags, skips, or just turns off the tracking lights. ??

2) tracking: doesn't track well on any surface I've found. I've taped red paper to my desk and that seems to work the best, better than fabrics, the countertop. I have another optical mouse (wired) that tracks perfectly on my desk surface, and paper, and fabric, so when compared, this mouse performs terribly.

So I have to buy another mouse—not an Amazon brand one. Hard to imagine this is the same co that made some absolutely incredible, durable, thoughtful products like the Kindles. What's the deal?
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