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Reviewed in the United States on June 29, 2019
Did some research and found moss lives in acidic soils. So a little thinking(and too much time waiting for lime to work) I thought why not use baking soda since that works instantly in my water to neutralize acidity.
Plus the pelletized lime was taking way too much time since I spread it on the lawn in early spring. The moss was still green by late summer and no sign of dying.
You can spend much more on the iron based moss products with other chemicals in it or on lime which seems to take forever to work or you can use baking soda. The iron based moss killers work and turn the grass greener but the moss areas will turn blackish. Plus the iron content is less than 30% so what is the rest of the product made of that I am spreading on my lawn?
Applied the baking soda to the moss areas by just broadcasting by hand and within a day all the moss was yellow. Neutralized the soil so other plants/grass can grow where the moss and its acidity was killing everything else. Lime was a waste of money and time since it took 50lbs to cover an area that did nothing to the moss whereas 1 bag of baking soda(15lbs) took one day to do what lime still wasn't doing.
Now I see plants and grass slowly growing where the moss was and this is just a few weeks after application.
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