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Reviewed in the United States on December 5, 2021
the chemical may be fine but the fact that it’s sold with a scrub head instead of a spray … i don’t know what to call thar other than moronic. i take partial responsibility as any laymen knows BLOT DONT RUB. i knew better when i bought the product but did anyway. don’t make my same mistake. instead of penetrating the stain like a spray nozzle would, the weird brush sponge head thing does exactly what people have known NOT to do forever - it spreads the stain and chemical around on top of the carpet fibers, making the problem area much bigger, fading the carpet color and completely failing to penetrate the stain. like i said the chemical may be fine, it’s effectiveness will always be a mystery to me because of the bottle it’s sold in. do yourself a favor and buy a spray.
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