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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on September 5, 2020
The positives: Fit very well and comfortable. They will not pop out. Music quality is excellent with deep bass. Noise cancellation works very well.
The negatives: After a full charge, the Initial setup was a little tricky. Pairing did not work and I have to reset. Battery lasted only 4 hours on the first day. I will charge over night to see it it changes the result. If you walk more than 10 feet from the blue tooth source, it cuts out. When you come back into range the pairing is inconsistent. Sometimes the left is connected and sometimes the right is connect. Each time you walk away and return you get a different result. There are serious gaps in the music. After noticing the number of gaps I documented 7 events in 83 minutes. Six gaps and one time it just switched the song. Volume: Initially I had difficultly raising the volume. I was able to get it to very low but I could not get it very high. Also it is hard to hear the women's voice when you switch between ANC and transparency. I am assuming that I have a bad unit and will try out a new one.

***update day 2*** After a full charge over night (4 bars), the unit started saying battery low after an hour. It repeats this message every ~50 seconds. After an hour the first event started where the ear piece disconnects and reconnects within 1-2 seconds. This should have never made it out of QC.

***update New unit*** After charging overnight. i used it for 2 hours and it started to say "battery low". When placed in the charger it indicated that the batteries are 3/4 charged. Very annoying. initial pairing was a little difficult but got it on the third try. This product does not match the reviews. I am returning it.
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