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Reviewed in the United States on July 18, 2021
I was in the market to purchase a tablet for a 2 year old toddler. I was pretty skeptical about purchasing the tablet for 2 reasons. First because of the mixed bad reviews. Second was if I was doing the right thing in buying a tablet to give to my child. I purchased it during Prime Day deals June 2021. Thought it was too good of a deal to pass up. It came with the 1 year of Amazon Kids+. And it's got the 2 year worry free guarantee. So if it breaks or anything you can return it and they can replace it.

Everything was intact when it arrived. And it came with everything that it says it is included.

I did a test run myself before giving it to my son. I like how you can set up the content appropriate to your child's age and use parental control. I put an SD card for more storage space (something you can't do with an iPad), which brought it to 1 TB storage space. The SD card is not included (I already had one). It's not as high quality like an iPad, Samsung or Windows. But then again those are more expensive and not something I would give to my kid. The screen quality and the battery life are good so far. Not sure if the tablet is working great because of the high speed internet we have in our home. Or if it's the SD card I put in it. But the speed, video quality and how it works is very good so far.

So far my 2 year old son loves it. We sat down together and played some educational games and watched his favorite cartoon videos. We've also read a few books. It's lightweight and easy for him to carry around. And it's got a good case cover on.

In my opinion it's a simple functional tablet perfect for kids of any age. And for the price it's not bad, especially when they're learning to handle stuff with care. Would recommend it if your looking to buy an inexpensive tablet to give to your kiddos.
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