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Reviewed in the United States on July 11, 2021
These smart plugs have some useful features thru its app, such as Scenes & Timers. It is compatible with Alexa.

I can set an "aromatherapy" Scene to turn on all oil diffusers. Using the Timer feature, I can then set the diffusers to auto-shutoff in 2 hours any time it's been used. I can use Scenes or Timers to have lamps turn on at a specific time on certain days, or everyday at sunset, then shut off at sunrise or what not.

They do jut out from the wall quite a bit (almost 2 inches), but you are able to use 2 of these onto a regular 2-plug outlet with no space issues. If you use them on a surge protector/strip or on an outlet with regular cords plugged in next to it, this can get in the way, depending on the surrounding cord's bulk. Most regular 2-prong cords (lamps etc) will fit next to an outlet with this plugged in, some will be a tight squeeze next to each other. (Air fresheners & 3-prong cords will definitely not fit next to this.)

These don't work with devices that have an auto-shutoff or timed-shutoff safety feature, but that is more of an issue with those devices and not this smart plug. For instance, my bed warmer & light-therapy lamp won't work with any smart plug. Think of it this way: if your device is powered on & you have a power outage, does your device kick back on automatically when power is restored (like lights do)? If not, then it won't work with ANY smart plug.

These smart plugs do NOT offer any other special features such as energy-use monitoring, parental controls, etc. It merely turns an existing outlet into a wifi-enabled smart outlet without having to do any electrical wiring.

Alexa will, however, be able to give you energy use estimates thru its own app, but that is an Alexa feature, not the smart plug's.

The only issue I had with these is that Alexa mistakenly sees them as a light source even though I have it set up to NOT be listed as a light source. For instance, I use these on an oil diffuser and a desk fan. When I tell Alexa to turn on the lights, it turns on the diffuser and fan as well. I then have to tell Alexa to turn off the diffuser and fan individually from there. But this is more of an issue on Alexa's end, not the smart plug.

Overall, I've bought several of these and it works great for what I need, plus they're very affordable!
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