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Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2022

When I first got it, it kept jumping around the screen. I was using it on a plain desk; I searched and found that high Dpi mice can be messed up by rough surfaces.

After I got a mousepad, it started working great! Good variation with sensitivity settings, smooth movement, and the left and right button clicks are unnoticeable. However, the roller wheel click is a bit above normal loudness, and the page forward/back could wake someone.

It requires a micro-usb cord to charge; one is included in the box. It’s a very short cord, so it’s difficult to move the mouse while charging. This, combined with not knowing when it will need battery, can impact your ease of gaming significantly.

I solved this by getting a long cord to use it with. That pretty much solved the charging issue.

One thing that persists, however, is the sleep mode. It takes a a few seconds to wake up from it, despite frustrated waving and clicking.

This doesn’t impact gaming, but when typing a report, watching videos, or any activity that infrequently uses the mouse, it becomes annoying. I’d be willing to spend an extra five dollars to not experience it.

Overall: A great budget gaming mouse.


Inphic PM6BS Bluetooth Mouse

• You have to press and hold the ‘mode switches’ button to activate pairing. This took a bit to figure out.
• Three methods of connection; Bluetooth 5.0, BT 4.0, and a usb nub that stores inside the mouse.
• Dimensions:
◦ In: 4 & 3/4 long, 2 & 5/8 tall, and 3 & 3/8 wide, including thumb lip & index finger lip.
◦ Cm: 12.07 long, 6.7 tall, and 8.6 wide
• Usb nub won’t come out accidentally.

• Has a sticker on the bottom: “Inphic QC Pass L”, “Inspection Date: 2021.5”
• Uses not visible light as the movement tracking mechanic.
• Scroller wheel glows blue while charging.
• Micro-sub charging port is at the center-front of the mouse. Not in a position that you will touch it.
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