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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 28, 2020
I wanted a go pro or similar type camera that i can take pictures and videos with. The GoPros are ridiculous expensive when it comes to pricing and in all honesty I'm not into filming all my endeavors that much anyway. not to mention spending hours and hours, editing video to make cool videos that your friends and family will surely get tired of sooner or later.
I just wanted a nice little camera that i could mount if i wanted to and play around with but now go knee deep in dept over. This Asako Camera is super affordable, especially for it being able to shoot in 4k. This camera has wifi capabilities so you can connect it with your phone and control some of the features from your phone. It also has micro usb slots and the necessary wires to connect it with your computer for easy download of pictures and videos. I have a Mac and it worked really well with it. the camera allows you to choose from many different video options including 4k, 1080p, 720, and so forth and has a 20mp camera that you can actually change light and aperture settings on and take awesome night shots with. It comes with so many accessories that i don't even know what all of them do, but it's nice you don't have to pay even more for accessories. it comes with 2 batteries and each are supposed to last 90 min each. I don't know if that is true because i have not had the camera running 90 min strait, but i will tell you that I took a bike ride the other day which was about 65 to 70 min in length and filmed the entire bike ride beginning to end, and there were still plenty of battery left so I don't doubt it will last 90 min. It comes with a battery charging device so you don't have to use the camera itself to charge the battery. When it comes to water proof i can't speak to that as i don't do anything or need to do anything submerged or that would put the camera in harms way. I can tell you that one of my bike rides it started to downpour on me while i was in the middle, and when i got home and took it out of the case it was dry as a bone. I'm sure that is a lot different than submerging it though. It is a solid camera that takes really good still photos and the video quality is amazing. I think you will be totally shocked with how far your money goes with this camera. I know i was. At best i was hoping for a camera that i didn't have to spend a ton of money of video taping things that might get the camera busted anyway. then your out a lot of money for nothing. I ended up getting a really great 4k camera at a great price. I would totally recommend anyone try this camera before you go out and spends upwards of hundreds and hundreds of dollars on similar devices. If you don't like the quality then return it and by the 500 hundred dollar camera and see if it is leaps and bounds better. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. I know i was!!


The only thing that i have or had a problem with, was getting the camera to link up with my phone initially. For some reason the wifi wouldn't recognize my phone and vice versa. I was very frustrated as it took me about a half an hour tinkering with it for it to finally work. Now that my phone and camera recognize each other it syncs up very quickly, but initially it was frustrating. It also does not come with a whole lot of instructions, and the instructions that are with it are minimal. They rely on you going to their website to download a user manuaL which kind of annoys me when companies do that. but other than those 2 things i say it's an amazing camera at one heck of a price.
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