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Reviewed in the United States on January 22, 2020
I think somewhere along the line my bag I ordered was exposed to some type of chemicals. It has an almost diesel fuel or oil smell to the bag. Which imparted that smell and chemical taste onto the peas. The peas are just packaged inside the burlap sack. So after cooking some pea soup. The soup still smelled like diesel. After another batch still the same. Rinsed and soaked... same result. The water that I soaked them in had the same nauseating smell to it. They definitely need to look into why it happened. Just wasted my money on this.

Edit: I am leaving the original review up here. But I am positive that they were exposed to something at an Amazon warehouse. Palouse reached out to me and is going to send me a bag directly from them. Not from an Amazon storage facility. So they have assured me this is not representative of their brand and I am changing my rating so it wont be a bad mark on a company who will stand behind their product. Hopefully they can find out why this happened and fix it with Amazon.
Second edit: I got my replacement today. And they are great. Will definitely buy from them again.
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