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Reviewed in the United States on March 13, 2019
The first copy i got from Amazon, disc 2 was unplayable. The discs are a weird purple color and look like they were made on someone's home computer. Disc 2 had a large purple chunk of plastic embedded in the outer edge. So I returned the set, and waited for the replacement to come in the mail. So imagine how angry I was when the new discs, the replacement set, ALSO was defective, and disc two was unplayable. I am super angry.
****EDIT: I was able to buy a used, real copy of the show on Ebay. The discs are silver-colored and work perfectly. I ripped them to my computer so that I could watch the show on my laptop and I discovered what the problem is. Disk 2 of the original DVD set was stored in a strange way, where episode 9 wasn't included as it's own track. The person making these purple disks probably has software that can't fix the issue.
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