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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on June 10, 2021
My experience with the Earfun Air Pros has led me to question the validity of headphone review sites such as rtings, soundguys and whathifi. These were so hyped on those sites as best TWS Earbuds under $100. My experience with them:

1. They are quite uncomfortable and don't seat naturally in my ears at all. I had to use a mirror to get them positioned as shown in the manual.
- 1.5. don't even think of sleeping with these if you're a side sleeper.
2. If you don't have them seated perfectly the passive sound dampening suffers significantly.
3. The active noise cancellation is really unimpressive, I kept checking to see if it was still on. My Soundpeats T2s have better ANC, for less $$$.
4. Pass-Thru is really tinny and awful and has weird random gaps in what it allows through.
5. Even though I knew they lacked on-bud volume control when I bought them, I found that I underestimated what an omission this is. Any advantage conferred by the gyro-activated tap controls is completely undermined by the way it limits the number of touch control functions available. I'm really irritated at the "professional" review sites that brushed the macaron controls off as an acceptable compromise. It makes me wonder if they ever wear the equipment they're testing outside of the lab in the real world.
6. They do sound pretty good but TWS earbuds are a crowded competitive market and LOTS of them sound pretty good.

I'll give them a couple more days to see if they grow on me but my gut is 95% sure that I'll be returning these.
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