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Reviewed in the United States on December 11, 2018
*I don't know if this actually eliminates dog odor or just overpowers it.

We had guests for several weeks with an incredibly stinky dog. When they moved out, after sprinkling, waiting & vacuuming both baking powder and dry coffee grounds, I shampooed the carpet 4 times. STILL the bedroom stank terrible.

Mid-day I sprayed the entire floor with this Nature's Miracle, using 28 oz, and CLOSED the door.
You could no longer smell the dog but this Nature's Miracle has it's own TERRIBLE ODOR.
By evening our noses were starting to run. In the middle of the night my husband was really miserable - post nasal drip, scratchy throat and feeling like he wasn't getting enough oxygen. At 7am I began shampooing the carpets again, with rinse water only, trying to pull this chemical out of the carpet. He had to leave the house. After (bissell) rinse-shampooing TWICE the smell was better but not acceptable.
So I left an ozone air purifier running for several hours, in the room with the door open.
The smell of this chemical is almost gone along with the dog stink.

(Side note - coffee grounds are a bad odor absorbing idea, after 12 vacuums & 6 shampoos, I'm still sucking grounds out of the carpet. We own both Shark and Dyson vacuums, so it's not a junky vacuum.)

Update: Dog stench came back after several days. (We now have a new hardwood floor.)
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