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Reviewed in the United States on February 15, 2018
Let me start by saying: this is my first Logitech mouse I've ever owned, and it's great, for the most part. It works well on all surfaces, and fits very well in my hand. I had no issues connecting it to my custom built Windows 10 PC, and it works flawlessly; exactly as advertised. The battery-life is fantastic and in the couple of months I've owned this mouse, I've had to charge it once or twice.

I do A LOT of work on my PC with Premier Pro, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects. and Illustrator. So I needed something that was ergonomic AND functional, and Logitech's MX Master 2S fit the requirement perfectly, checking every box on my list. The added buttons on the thumb rest (including the forward, back and extra scroll wheel) are wonderful, and can be assigned commands for every individual piece of software I use on my PC and I love this mouse to death, and if you like the idea of replacing commands with single clicks on this mouse, you'll probably love it too. Perhaps the one minor issue I have (before I mention the larger issue) is that Logitech decided to use Micro-USB Type-B instead of Type-C. Type-C is just easier to work with in general and my Android smartphone, and plenty of other gadgets I own use Type-C, so it's disappointing that I have to keep an extra cable around that only gets used once every other month or so.

HOWEVER there is ONE MAJOR ISSUE. I ordered the MX Master 2S in the Light Grey Colour, which looks fantastic out the box, and for the first few weeks, but when you go to clean it, that's when things go down-hill. You see Logitech used this soft rubber grey material on 60% of the mouse's body, with the left and right buttons on the top being hard plastic, the result? Discolouration EVERYWHERE, and it's dang near impossible to clean it. I've tried using water and a white cloth to clean it, but signs of the discolourationg remain, and bear in mind that I'm an extremely hygienic person. I NEVER use my computer, or any of my electronics with dirty hands, and despite my best efforts; I can't keep this dang mouse looking decent. I'm afraid to use any harsh cleaning as it may damage or eat away the material this mouse is covered in, and Logitech offers no replacement pieces for this thing. So my advice? Unless you like a grey-yellow coloured mouse, AVOID the Light Grey Colour at ALL COSTS. Stick with the Graphite or Midnight Blue coloured mice and do NOT get the Light Grey unless you want to spend $100 on a decoration. Because I promise you no matter how clean your hands are, you will discolour this thing because of the extremely poor quality and/ or sensitivity of material they went with.

I would like to see successors to this mouse be made in an entirely different material, one that doesn't easily get discoloured from simple day to day use, an completely hard plastic chassis would be greatly preferred.
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