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Reviewed in the United States on December 3, 2021
I had high hopes and I looked forward in watching the series 'Harlem'. I am so disappointed by the content in this series.

These are supposed to be 4 college educated professioinal black woman. However, the character Angie is acting like a hood rat. I don't like the lesbian character either because how many straight black females you know that hangs out constantly with a lesbian or vice versa? Black lesbians like to associate with other lesbians and not with heterosexaul women.

Some white people complained about segregation and only black characters in this series. Duh, we still live in a segregated society in the United States. I don't have any white friends nor do I hang out with white people in life. Even at work and in high school, the blacks hang out together and the whites do the same. I attended an HBCU school (Morgan State University) where Blacks were the majority on campus.

I was looking forward in seeing a series about 4 black professional women focusing on everyday life that we as black people deal with in our community and in society. Force diversity now on television and in the movies is not realistic in the real world.
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