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Reviewed in the United States on October 24, 2020
My biggest and pretty much only complaint with Alexa devices is me having to repeat myself when giving commands either because it did not wake when i said the keyword or it got what i said wrong. It's mostly an issue when there is background noise such as the TV playing but it could use some improvement even when there is not background noise. The ONLY reason i bought this device is because an Amazon employee told me that there were improvements to the microphones in this device compared to the Echo Dot 3rd generation but I am questioning whether that is trued because I see absolutely zero improvement.

Update 10.29.2020: Now that I've had this for a week or two I've determined that the microphones are actually even worse than they were on my echo dot 3rd gen. I will be returning this product and going back to using my echo dot 3rd gen.

I know most people would not be buying this device for the same reason I did and would be getting it for the better speakers or the smart hub functionality but just in case there was anyone out there wondering if the microphones/voice recognition was any better on this device the answer would be no.
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