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Reviewed in the United States on November 29, 2020
This is a very well built all wood small gym. Its small so keep in mind the kids may be over this when they get past 2. However, our 14 month old loves it for now. I think its a great way to get them balanced and agile. This fits right in our living room in the existing play area which is great.

EDIT - After reading other negative reviews what I realize is that, I need to mention to anyone buying this to remember the following:
1. the product is wood - wood changes shape slightly with humidity, don't expect perfection. some pieces may be slightly bowed. This does not impact quality or looks. Simply makes assembly more challenging.
2. The set requires some common building sense and it is not easy to assemble like gross manufactured furniture from Ikea for example. This is small shop stuff.
3. The product is from Russia - they expect you to know how to assemble wood - the instructions are ok, but not great.
4. Like I state below, the hardware provided is not hardened, so if you use power tools you may strip the hex drive on the head of the provided screws. Use low torque or hand tools and if you strip one, don't panic just use some large wood screws you may already have at your house.
5. This is a great product. The hardware supplied is sufficient if you don't use power tools on hi torque settings.

This did not get 5 stars from me because of the hex screw hardware provided. Buyer beware, these screws are not made in the USA and do not have the hardness requirements of our hardware. What this means is that they are very easy to strip the drive hex pattern with power tools. They work fine if you use low torque or the hand wrenches supplied with the kit. I stripped a few of the screws, and just replaced them with similar but better built hardware from Ace. It's also a good idea to put a drop of wood glue in the joints on the ladders to make sure they don't roll and cause your kids to slip and fall. I'm very happy with this purchase overall and would recommend with the stated exceptions.
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