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Reviewed in the United States on October 23, 2021
A few years ago I was excited to see that BLINK had a doorbell announced at CES so I committed to a multi-camera setup. After it became apparent it wasn't being released, I purchased a RING doorbell and subscription plan begrudgingly. The minute I saw the pre-order for this, I instantly grabbed one. Excited to have everything in one ecosystem, the anticipating and re-excitement from years ago was there. During the waiting period I realized someone pointed out, which at the time was NOT listed on the pre-order page, that you need a Sync-2 module to save the footage/rings. I had a spare but it could have been annoying. Fast forward to today when I received it. It looks beautiful and is a slim profile but the mounting bracket is an absolute joke. 2 shallow screws and no thumbail screw to lock the device in, this could easily be ripped out of the wall within 2 seconds. Combine that with the amount of pressure needed to lock this device into place, theres no doubt in my mind that after a year of changing the batteries some of these small clip/brackets on the plate will indeed snap. The image quality is way too HDR and totally blown out by the sun and bright daylight in the sky, creating a darkness on the face of whoever rings the bell which surprise, kind of defeats the purpose. Lastly, the fact that Amazon did NOT have the mount was the cherry on top. The email they sent later allowed us to order the corner mount free of charge, but inside the blink app it states that it should come with a couple different mounting plate options which it did not. So all in all, I prefer the Blink ecosystem to most and physically this doorbell is great but for something in R&D for 3+ years you definitely dropped the ball on the easiest pieces of the puzzle, especially for a company that owns RING which has an excellent mounting package in the box.
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