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Reviewed in the United States on February 18, 2019
I don't mean lighter color, but the lightness refers to the "fluffiness." It's not powdery, but it's not clumpy or has big granules like some coconut sugars.

These are sweet, but they're not like regular granulated sugar we're used to. These have a stronger flavor, but if you want a slightly better sugar source than typical refined white sugar, these will do okay as long as you have realistic expectations.

Don't be thinking you can have all the coconut sugar you want because this is still sugar, has lots of calories, and will affect your glycemic index. But, if you want a slightly healthier sugar, these will work fine. You do get used to it, but if you're afraid, mix some in with regular refined sugar, then gradually taper off the regular refined sugar. It's kind of amazing how we humans adapt to different flavors when not bombarded with excess sugar, salt or fat.
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