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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on October 7, 2021
It is easy to fill, change batteries, alter soap amounts, and turn off/on. The controls were simple and the device was stable. When plastic soap dispensers you buy get low on soap then tend to get unstable and fall over as they don't have weight to hold them down. This device solved that issue, which was part of the reason to buy this. That and we much prefer foam soap over liquid.

Device was good at the start, BUT then started to be unreliable with dispensing. Then it would beep every 5-10 seconds regardless of what we did. The beeping was so annoying we had it turned OFF and then have to turn it ON to wash hands and then back OFF. The beeping is not in the manual so we had little information to go on. This fiddling is time spent that should not have to be spent.

Customer support was helpful (Wayne). We reached out and after some back and forth, the company sent us a replacement device. After unpacking and setting up the replacement, it exhibited the exact same behavior as the original (beeping). To make matters worse, we were not even able to get the new device to dispense any soap. We also tried a reservoir of warm water and that also did not get dispensed. After several more attempts to get this to work we gave up. Again, this is time spent that should not have to be spent.

We spent enough time trying to get the devices to work. For the price, the devices should have been more consistent and reliable. I admit, you can look at the reviews talking about replacement devices two ways:
a.) The company is committed to a happy customer
b.) The devices are not at the quality level they need to be at yet.

The cons have outweighed the pros and it is time to move on.
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