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Reviewed in the United States on October 7, 2020
I love the MX Anywhere mouse because it's just the right size for my hand. I've owned all the versions of MX Anywhere (original, 2, 2s, and now 3). This new 3 model is a really nice upgrade and with a larger incremental leap than seen with the prior generational line of MX Anywhere mice. Compared to the 2s, the 3 is of course slightly lighter, slightly better smoothness over surfaces, and the USB-C charging port means one more device I can charge using modern USB-C cables.

However, the thing I most like is how they made the mouse wheel action fully adjustable. It's amazing how I can use the Logitech Options app to customize how "clicky" turning the wheel is and how fast I need to spin it before it goes into free motion. I really appreciate the extra engineering effort and cleverness put into this little device and its tiny motors, just to make my mundane mouse experience a tiny bit better. Great job, Logitech!
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