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Reviewed in the United States on May 28, 2018
I'm quite impressed with this mouse. I travel a lot and bring this mouse with me all over for my laptop. Replacing batteries is lame, especially when you're out of state. I get over a months worth of usage from a single charge, and a few hours of charging gets me another month. The mouse also works while its plugged in, so you'll never get "stranded" with a dead mouse.

I didn't really want a "gaming" mouse, but wanted the "forward" and "back" side buttons which are very useful! The LED light feature on this mouse is pretty cheesy. I mean why put that on a wireless mouse that just sucks up battery juice?

I deducted a star because the on/off switch is poorly designed. There are 3 positions: OFF/ON/LED. I never turn on the LED because its pointless and I want longer battery life. To put the switch on the middle "ON" position is a little tricky. Minor issue though.

Overall a good functional travel mouse.
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