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Reviewed in the United States on December 26, 2018
These sheets seemed too good to be true at $19.99 and due to my being intentionally thrifty, I decided to give them a try. You see, sheets that are considered better quality are pretty expensive and can easily cost between $60 and $100. I'm just not a fan of spending that sort of money on what seems to me should only cost around $20. However, I've learned my lesson. I still have these sheets as a backup but I wouldn't recommend them to anyone, especially people who sleep hot. They're relatively smooth to the touch and seem harmless but they sure do reflect body heat. I thought they would be better than the 100% cotton flannel set I bought but nope. What's worse is the sheets really aren't appealing to look at. Not at all. They are a semi-see-through fabric with an ugly shade of tan/taupe.

If there's one thing I've learned about sheets and bedding it's that high quality, 100% cotton sheets and bedding make a world of difference in how well I sleep. If you sleep hot, don't buy synthetic sheets and bedding. Buy cotton. Until I recently purchased Target's Threshold 400 ct Performance set I was in the dark on the difference. I also bought a 100% cotton and began using a regular down comforter instead of a synthetically filled comforter. This changed my world and I sleep cool every night. It used to be that the synthetically filled down comforter just laying bunched up next to me would be enough to keep me so warm that I'd wake up at 3 or 4am. Now, I can sleep with the down comforter ON me, it seems, just about any day of the year. So, don't do microfiber if you sleep warm, otherwise, this may be perfect for you.
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