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Reviewed in the United States on November 10, 2019
False advertising. I also ordered this molasses for it’s mineral content. But this is NOT the product advertised!!!!! Potassium on the label on Amazon shows 600ml per Tablespoon but what I got instead was 340ml per Tablespoon!!!! I would have to literally double the serving to equal the same amount in the advertised bottle. This is a problem because as advertised it should have 42 Calories per serving. But instead it was 60mg per Tablespoon. So I would be getting 120 Calories just to achieve the 600mg I need. This is not the product advertised! Not just because it says molasses from the same Plantation company is it the same product in any sense. This is basic ADDITION!!!!! It’s not the same product!!! Fix the advertising. If I wanted a what I got I would have ordered that. Black strap molasses has a purpose. If I just wanted to bake cookies I would have ordered regular molasses which doesn’t do anything exempt imitate the flavor, have more sugar and have NO HEALTH BENEFITS!!!! NOT all molasses is the same just because it says molasses. Fix the advertising. I needed this by today, and instead my time was waisted and if I’m lucky I’ll get what I ordered if it’s even available. This company used to have a great product, THE ONE I ORDERED!!!! But I read somewhere that now it’s aperently outlawed. If that’s the case FIX THE ADVERTISING so you don’t waist MY MONEY AND MY TIME!!!!!!
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