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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on February 5, 2020
We have been using a Dial automatic soap dispenser for years. We loved that it was a touchless dispenser that ejected a set amount as this was helpful for our disabled son. But over the years there were issues with dripping, and unintentional triggering, and battery usage. Eventually it became impossible to find the refill cartridges, then the unit became all yellowed and discolored and stopped working.

That is when I researched and found this refillable automatic soap dispenser that I could use my own choice of liquid soap in. I really appreciate that, and that is reduces waste. The best feature though is that it produces foam!! The foam is so much easier to spread around on the hands and prevents big blobs of liquid soap from dirtying the sink and counter. I also appreciate that we could choose from 2 options for the amount of foam being dispensed and prefer the larger setting (which conserves over having to use 2 smaller amounts) and is plenty for adults to do a thorough job. I have not had trouble with unintended triggering of the unit when I am wiping out the sink or cleaning either, which was a significant problem with our old dispenser.

The only improvement I would desire is a way to "lock" in the soap receptacle. When picking up the unit to clean under it the other day I did not think to grab the soap reservoir versus the upper unit and the reservoir fell out. Thankfully it didn't spill or anything, but it was startling and I wish it would snap or latch in.

Overall though I like it so much better than our old system that I am planning to buy another one for the kitchen and maybe one for the master bathroom. I am in love with washing with the handsfree foaming soap!
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