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Reviewed in the United States on May 11, 2020
A half-cup of this stuff goes into EVERY SINGLE LOAD of laundry I run. (Old washing machine, too!)
I add it before the laundry goes in, as soon as the water starts to cover the bottom. I use a small piece of PVC pipe to stir it around, so it mixes into the water without clumping), and then add my detergent, lastly the load. I also always do the 2nd rinse, just to better rinse/clear the soap out of my fabrics. I am around cigarette smoke a lot, and my clothes stink of it at the end of the day. The BORAX removes 100% of the smell, because it actually gets the nicotine residues out, which is what stinks! It's never faded my darks/brights, and it has no scent, so it doesn't mess with my fabric softener smell either.
I also use it for hard stains in my sink and toilet, and on my shower tiles when they start looking like there's a product buildup...much gentler than scouring, and works wicked fast.
I've also lifted oil spots off my driveway with it, AND once I dusted up and down the sides of my driveway, where the concrete meets the grass (ANTS COLONIZING, BIG CARPENTER ONES), and it single-handedly wiped them out PERMANENTLY. Grass did great, harm to it whatsoever.
There's like a zillion things you can do with this stuff...Magical must-have!!
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