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Reviewed in the United States on April 4, 2017
I have our TV and Xbox hooked up to this. This is how things used to go in my house:

Me: pause the game and put your laundry away
Child: let me just finish this level
Me: no. I need you to do it now.
Child: but mom....
And this continues until I'm ready rip my hair out.

This is how things go now

Me: pause the game and put your laundry away
Child: but mom...
Me: I'm opening the Kasa app...
Child: OK! OK! I'm going

I also have a schedule set so it doesn't even turn in the morning when people should be getting ready for school. After school, it's scheduled to be off, and once everyone has homework done, we turn it on. The kids know that if I power stuff off from the app, they won't have a chance to save their game. This is a huge motivator.

Keep in mind, if your outlet easily accessible, you can bypass the app by pushing the button on the plug, luckily our outlet is behind the entertainment center and no one can reach it.

I also use this if anyone starts fighting over a game. I never knew Minecraft could cause so much fighting between siblings. Now, as soon as I hear fighting, I turn the outlet off. I often hear my kids reminding each othe. "Dude, stop or mom is gonna turn it off!"

I have regained control of my household, and it feels great!!!
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