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Reviewed in the United States 🇺🇸 on January 20, 2021
Really wanted to like these, but just can't give them good reviews. I'm not an audiophile by any stretch - so I can't really give you a good rating based on how good these sound. It may very well be that for $50-60 these things sound at good as others twice their price. If that's all you're interested in you will have to go by other reviewers.

What I can tell you is that the range on these is very poor compared to others in the $25-60 range. I tried many different buds and these were a good 30-40% worse range. Now, that being said if you don't need to use these beyond a 5-10 feet range they might work for you. However BT transmitting devices can be iffy and not all have great radios in them. While you can't blame the headphones if the device radios are junky, you can hedge your bets by making sure your headphones have as good a range as they can.

I also found that when running with these in ANC mode, there was still a lot of wind noise. I suspect this was from the wind just cutting in through the physical seal in my ears. Your experience may vary here if they fit your ears better than mine. They actually felt pretty snug in my ears compared to some others, but even so I still heard quite a bit of wind.

One of the reasons I originally went with these was the ANC and Transparent mode features. I didn't really feel that the ANC was very good - it didn't sound much different to me than half dozen other head seats without ANC. As far as the transparent mode it is not very useful. Yes, you can hear your surroundings better with it enabled, but there is too much air noise. If you use the feature outside (what it is billed be able to hear traffic, etc) then the hissing from the wind is unbearable. It would be like if you were holding a boom box on your shoulder with a box fan in between it and your ear.

Between all of these issues I simply can't recommend these for anything more than the $20-30 price range.
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