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Reviewed in the United States on July 12, 2019
When I saw these packs, I wanted them due to how cheap they were. The only problem is I didn't know what I would do with the extra packs, AND Amazon had their "add-on item" listing on this so to buy just the gum, I would have to buy 3 six packs, resulting in 18 packs, a.k.a. 630 pieces of gum. My mind then went to school where people would pay me to get a pack, so thinking about this, I ordered them.

A few days later when it arrived, I brought one of the bundles to school and started selling them for $2. I sold out instantly. The days after I finished selling all of the packs minus 2 packs for myself.

In total, I spent $28.44, and the total money I made off the packs I sold came to $32.

In the end, I made a little over $3.50 and got 2 packs "for free"

Hope this story gives someone else the idea to do this. Might buy again for this upcoming school year, so consider this a "I recommend it" review.
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