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Reviewed in the United States on May 27, 2020
It's a pretty solid 4, let's go with what I like and don't like:
Don't like - the fact that you need a bridge. Despite the advertised range of LoRa radio (that the lights and bridge communicate with) it's not really that great. I get a better range on Z-wave devices. LoRa is non-meshing (unlike Zigbee and Z-wave) so the range is it, no way to extend it, and I don't have a huge property. One of my lights keeps dropping off, so I'll have to move the bridge.
I'd appreciate including some manner of adhesive, as I'm not about to go drilling into bricks. At the same time, they're a little TOO easy to remove from the mounting plate - I'm wondering if/when one will get stolen. Even a release tab would be good... But if you just slide it UP, it's removed. That's disappointing.

Given the above it's still a solid 4. The functionality is quite good, and the solar panels seem adequate to keep them charged. I've got these steplights plus four path lights (bought from Ring directly) that are performing admirably. They include a big fat lithium battery with each, so it'll hold up over time.

Light levels - great, and adjustable.
Motion sensitivity - easily adjusted, seems fairly reliable at 2, cars on the street don't set it off, but walking on the sidewalk does. Integration with Alexa is seamless - they show up as lights AND sensors. Thus, I can have an outdoor PIR (on Smartthings) trigger the lights to turn on as well as the carriage lights, but also have the step lights do the same (including the carriage lights I have on a Z-wave switch).

Basically, I purchased these because they were the only option to do EXACTLY what I wanted them to do, and they do it.

Update 6/13/2020 - Ring had someone reach out to me regarding the review and to discuss my concerns, so we spoke at length about it. Regarding LoRa range limitations - it's being addressed. Regarding possible theft, Ring insures these the same as their doorbells, so kudos to Ring.

After running these (plus four path lights) for a few weeks, I'm still very happy with the performance. Solar panels keeping everything charged well, lithium batteries keeping them running, and I still show them off to my neighbors.

Still the best solar lights you can get.
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