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Reviewed in the United States on March 14, 2021
The listing clearly reads 'rubberized grips' but on the Essentials there is no rubber grip. There are textured plastic grips, which if you have even a hint of grease, sweat, hand moisturizer, wetness, or anything on your skin it will make moving the mouse a pain in the ass.

It is also clear this mouse was used heavily, as the underside had grime stuck in the area around the optical sensor.

Sadly Amazon does not differentiate the mice listings between versions, so while I gave a 4/5 to the Elite I will override that score to warn people to do fall for the cheap price tag of the Essentials. Pay a few bucks more for the Elite or above, Razer needs to junk these old mice.

I had also reached out to Razer support, who more or less said "oh, that sucks, did you try contacting the seller?" Well Razer, the seller is you, so yes, I did. Unhelpful at best.
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